Rupert Pontin on April 21 2021

5 Things for drivers to be aware of as the roads get busy

5 Things for drivers to be aware of as the roads get busy as restrictions begin to lift and the number of drivers on the road increase significantly.

With restrictions beginning to lift the number of drivers on the road is about to significantly increase. The question is whether the road network, regular road users and pedestrians are ready for the increase in traffic and potential for danger. Here is a list of 5 things that drivers need to be aware of before they get behind the wheel of their cars:

1. Is the Car Insured– there are a number of drivers that have taken the opportunity to reduce the insurance [risk on their car or in many cases leave it off the road and perhaps uninsured. As the lockdown lifts the car must be fully insured for the correct road usage and at the correct mileage level to safeguard both the driver and other road users.

2. Get the Car MOT’d – During the lockdown periods in the last year MOT rules have been changed and the MOT period extended in a bid to keep personal contact to a minimum where it may not be necessary. As a result, there will be a number of cars potentially on or about to hit the road that do not have a valid MOT. No MOT means the insurance is invalid and that poses risk to other road users and pedestrians in addition to the fact that the car itself may be dangerous to the driver.

3. Get the Car Taxed – Many people took the opportunity to save a bit of money by not taxing their cars and declaring them as SORN. If the car is going on the road it needs to be taxed and if it is not, just like having an invalid MOT the car will not be insured.

4. Take it Easy – Many drivers have drastically reduced the number of miles they drive each month and whilst this has been great for the environment and less stressful for the motorist it has meant that the level of road experience has dropped. Before driving the motorist should get behind the wheel and reacquaint themselves with the controls properly and maybe take some time to drive in a space where other road users are less prevalent to get used to the car again.

5. Don’t Speed – Today’s cars are swift and easy to get up to and beyond the legal speed limit. Where road experience has been eroded due to the lack of travel there is danger in believing that it will be easy to remember to drive within the speed limits. Take the time to build awareness and think of the safety of other road users and pedestrians by keeping the speeds down. It will also help the environment.

These simple reminders will help to ensure that every road user is more aware of what they are doing and keep others on the road safe and secure. Equally, an uninsured vehicle means that costly repairs would need to be met by the owner of the car and that brings in itself great cost and risk.


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