How We Help Motiv Finance Customers Get the Best Deal

    Our latest case study reveals how Motiv Finance adopted one of our APIs and earned a spot next to one of the biggest comparison sites available. 

    Vehicle finance lenders are scrambling to reorganise their business and customer engagement strategies for new FCA rules but also general growth and competitive stability. Fintech is on the rise and innovations are popping up everywhere. Many lenders are seeing the advantages of data driven approaches but not sure how to implement the appropriate tools for their business.

    In our recent case study, we learn how Chris Robertson and his team at Motiv Finance are using Cazoo Data Services to drive change and profitability with an improved customer journey. When Motiv Finance sought to transform their business, they looked at a few different providers but Cazoo Data Services was the only company that could meet their needs and provide support through the change. More importantly, securing the tools within their current workflow was seamless and non-intrusive.

    “Cazoo Data Services are part of Motiv Finance products that help more than ¼ million customers, yearly, search for great car finance deals via partnerships with the biggest price comparison brands.”

    We help many leading vehicle lenders with our insightful products. Our APIs can bring the customer’s experience to life with factual real-time data that supports better informed decisions and trust. Additionally our tools offer a data driven advantage well above competitors.

    If you’re ready for digital transformation with innovations that enable smooth customer experiences with the most powerful real-time vehicle data and whole market view, contact one of our experts at sales@data.cazoo.co.uk or complete the contact form.

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