Prize Winning BMW is a Fraud

    A prize winning BMW was recently crushed after officials discovered it was a botched car that consisted of stolen car parts. However, all this could have been avoided with the right digital tools that identify complete car history with plate match accuracy while spotting fraud in real-time.

    Police saw an odd looking bright green vehicle on the Birmingham ring road and became instantly suspicious. After a search of the plate numbers, they realised the model didn’t match the car. The car was subsequently seized and crushed by a specialist scrapyard. 

    This is a clear warning that buying and insuring a car requires a clear understanding of its history. For insurers, it’s fundamental for successful business to know exactly what is being insured. With data driven insights, pricing risk and policies accurately can give security that the car being insured is the car on the road. 

    Insurers can spot fraud and anomalies with Cazoo Data services automotive insights providing the ability to see the full picture of a vehicle's history and clearly map out the best pricing for claims and risk. 

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