We Receive Recognition at the National Insurance Awards

    LONDON – July 14, 2021 – Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) receives coveted Innovative Product Award - Technology at National Insurance Awards.

    UK based automotive insights leader, Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana), has won the National Insurance Awards Innovative Product Award - Technology. Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) was shortlisted in the category alongside four other companies. 

    National Insurance Awards highlight the very best in general insurance provision and management. Featuring 31 categories for companies and teams that demonstrate excellence in their field – from the delivery of specialist brokerage services to the best in HNW insurance provision. Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) rose to the top of their list thanks to the unique automotive data and insights solution for insurers, Claims Companion. 

    Receiving the award on behalf of the company was Rupert Pontin. “This award represents our dedication to bringing the benefits of AI and big data to insurers, worldwide. We were amongst some stiff competition so it’s very gratifying to be chosen as the best,” said Rupert.

    He added: “Whilst we've always been well known for trustworthy, accurate, credible data and industry knowledge, receiving this award provides further proof of our commitment and well deserved industry acknowledgment.” 

    Our Claims tool gives insurers the ability to See the Full Picture of a damaged vehicle, helping to accelerate desk-based research before deployment of engineering resources. It provides a view of a vehicle’s history from manufacture to present day. Data reports include MOT history, owner and number plate changes, previous images, previous advertisements for sale and an accurate retail-back valuation based on today’s market.


    Notes to editors:

    • Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) provides global automotive insights, enabling the next generation of vehicle access. Founded in 2012, Cazana originally set out to gain a better understanding of car prices by using big data.
    • Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) has become one of the most innovative suppliers of both consumer and business insight on a global scale and now tracks millions of vehicles for sale across 40 countries, daily.
    • Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) search technology shows every car on sale, unearths hidden history on every vehicle and tracks a car’s value and history with a timeline of events from build to present day.
    • Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) provides a wealth of data to insurers, manufacturers, dealers, finance and leasing companies to help them understand residual value risk and the changing prices of vehicles in the market.
    • Cazoo Data Services (formerly Cazana) is the first car valuation engine to pinpoint vehicle value at a VIN-level, which helps its clients price products more effectively and with greater certainty. This real-time data is especially important during these uncertain times with a fast-moving market driving volatility in used vehicle prices.

    Media Contact: Tomera Rodgers, Digital Content Manager marketing@data.cazoo.co.uk