Winners - Claims Product Solution Of The Year

    Thanks to its “far reaching product for customers and insurers” Cazoo Data Services received the award for Claims Product Solution of the Year Category at the Insurance Times Awards, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London on Thursday 26 May 2022.

    Our entry was based on the Companion product for insurers. Companion provides insurers with a data backed understanding of a vehicle's value against similar listings giving them the full picture from its detailed history timeline. Allowing claims, fraud and engineering departments to speed up the process by eliminating time consuming manual research. Additionally, insurers can compare similar vehicles currently on sale and previously sold, verifying their value for fair and accurate quotes.

    We bring innovative AI and data science-driven modelling to an outdated sector that relied heavily on manual editorial processes and opinion in an attempt to establish current and future vehicle values.

    Our free ebook explains how having access to real-time factual data and insights can provide a clear understanding of the market making spotting fraud easier and also pricing those legitimate claims fairly.

    This award is confirmation of Cazoo Data Services’ commitment to the insurance industry’s journey towards digital transformation. It’s incredibly rewarding to be recognised for our dedication in providing the most authoritative vehicle data and insights to insurers.

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