Simplistic Approach, Maximum Results for Covéa Insurance CX

    The vehicle insurance market is being saturated with new products designed to attract and keep current customers. Initiatives like ‘stay at home’ rebate campaigns were geared toward supporting the insured while they were restricted from driving. While this was a very creative concept for customers it was challenging where competition and profitable business was concerned.

    A fine balance needs to be achieved for both exceptional customer experience and business growth. Although there are many ways to improve customer journeys the trick is to know when and where the customer needs the most reassurance in their experience.

    Insurers need to be flexible and adopt innovative tech that will focus on the customer’s current position in the journey and improve it faster than other insurers.

    As a customer-centric insurer, Covéa Insurance sought out the best and the brightest minds within insurtech to solve their CX problems. Cazoo Data Services was their top choice.

    In our latest case study, we show how the Cazoo Data Services model aligned with Covéa Insurance’s vision. More importantly, we explain how our API solution improved their customer experience while simultaneously optimising their processes for efficient motor claims. We demonstrate our ability to meet their needs by utilising our tech to create a harmonious experience for their customers with the ability to create more profitable business.

    If you’re ready to take that next step toward digital transformation with advanced innovations that enable fraud detection, improved claims processes and CX, contact one of our experts at sales@data.cazoo.co.uk or complete the contact form online.

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