We’re Now Helping GT Motive Keep Happy Customers

    Cazoo Data Services has helped many UK motor insurers secure their competitive position with real-time data and insights. More recently, we were chosen to support GT Motive with their valuations, loss assessments and of course improve their customer’s engagement experience. 

    GT Motive are leading the way in software solutions for estimating and managing claims. Cazoo Data Services is the provider who can offer their end users relevant and accurate data ensuring their experience is smooth and frictionless. It’s the perfect fit for a customer-centric approach with streamlined claims management.

    Cazoo Data Services now provides the data they need to manage their motor claims with precision. The added benefit of our valuation data will support other GT Motive products for fair and fast decisions on quotes and claims, for both the customer and business.

    The Cazoo Data Services team of experts were able to implement an API within their current systems. This gives GT Motive’s customers a transparent and live valuation tool to support their choices in products while minimising risk for GT Motive. 

    Our powerful insurance solutions can be added to current workflows with ease. They allow instant access to hundreds of data fields with valuations, market forecasting and rich detailed historical information on any one vehicle and with:

    •   Rich accurate data, accessible 24/7
    •   Improved CX with pre-populated forms
    •   High volume work efficiency 

    Our products are designed for the automotive industry and their customers, helping insurers identify the risk and price claims fairly while supporting the new FCA rules. Our whole market data offers an unbiased data driven view allowing insurers to see the full picture of the entire market.

    If you’re looking to get winning CX results like many of your competitors, get in touch with one of our experts. They can guide you and your business toward exceptional customer experiences with the added bonus of loyalty and competitive advantages.

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