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    In the insurance sector, efficiency in acquisition has never been more important. As sales become increasingly online, younger consumers become the primary customers, insurer loyalty is declining and an increasing amount of emphasis is placed on online service capabilities.

    Consequently, consumers want quotes that are fast, tailored to their individual needs, and easy to sign up to. It is crucial, however, that insurers don't sacrifice due diligence in favour of speed. They need to continue to accurately assess risk and price premiums. For insurers in this context, the next step is to use technology to enhance their quote-to-bind process.

    Insurance is the business of trying to predict and manage the future. And the more information you have about the past and the present, the better that management will be.

    Cazoo Data Services’ tools directly help your customers. We can pre-populate a number of fields based on a VRM number so when a customer enters one into an online form, we’ll automatically fill in its value, mileage and date of purchase and potentially up to another 10 data fields in a standard car insurance journey. With the information in front of them, there’s no need for a customer to navigate away, making their insurance journey smoother and increasing your rate of conversion.

    Cazoo Data Services can bridge the gap by offering their insurance partners relevant and accurate data ensuring the experience is smooth and frictionless for the end user (customer). It’s the perfect fit for a customer-centric approach with streamlined management.

    Our insurance solutions can be added to current workflows with ease. Integrated into your systems with our powerful APIs gaining you access to hundreds of data fields including real-time valuations, market forecasting and rich vehicle history, meaning less effort for your customers.

    We’ll work with you to build unique tools for your specific business needs.

    The benefits:

    • Rich accurate data, accessible 24/7 - Our data at your disposal - Add our insights and data from the world’s largest vehicle database to your systems and workflows to gain a competitive edge.
    • Improved CX with pre-populated forms - With our rich data, meaning fewer fields for customers to fill and increasing the likelihood of form submissions.
    • High volume work efficiency - Work at high volumes with less effort - Our tools let you work with large volumes so you can make the most of our data and insights with less manual effort.

    Allowing insurers to offer their customers a seamless digital journey.

    Contact one of our experts if you want to achieve winning customer experience results like many of your competitors. They can guide you and your business toward exceptional customer experiences with the added bonus of loyalty and competitive advantages.

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